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Chiang Rai Day 43-47

Who let the horses out??

storm 24 °C

Well the weather hasn't been kind for sight seeing for the last few days it either been quite stormy or like today just persist drizzle with thunderstorms thrown in for good measure,so in the last 4 days I have got out twice and both times got soaked

Did get up into the mountains a few times on the 250 dirt bike and while going up was okay coming back down was a bit hairy at times,the roads were washed out clay tracks and quite steep,so going down in 1st at an idle you actually basically just slid down using brakes was of no value,you just put you legs down as out riggers and hoped for the best,thankfully I didn't come off but it was luck and not good management I think !! The 250 must of done so hard yards in time as a hire bike,back too 1st or 2nd going up the hills and some very concerning piston or crank slap noises,it definitely has lost of of original horse power,I the bit more I gave probably won't help it

Visited the night markets a few times for a cheap feed and look around the tourist stalls,so far no food poisoning,but you do wonder how long the prawns and fish have been sitting with no ice or refrigeration

The hire bike has been taken back this arvo,so tomorrow it time to get my paper work and visa ready for Vietnam,off to Hanoi on Wednesday to catch up with an old work colleague which should fun,plan is to spend a week 2 with him then do Halong Bay then Sapa and then northern areas thencross back into Cambodia

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Day 38-41 Chiang Mia to Chiang Rai

Still bloody wet

storm 34 °C

We'll have moved onto Chiang Rae from Chiang Mia,got the Green Bus up yesterday which is Thailands National bus service and so far seem okay reasonably cheap and the the big plus they have A/C took about 3 hours to cover the 180 odd Km's

Got into the hotel about 2pm which gave me plenty of time to organise. Bike for the next week,after the last couple of scooter's and hills thought I would try something a bit bigger so have ended up with 250 dirt bike,$180 for 7 days hire,then it was back to the accommodation for an early tea and bed was feeling a bit puffed after enjoying Father's Day a bit to much!!

So got up this morning with the plan to do a loop from Chiang Rai out to Phayao and check the lake and scenery out but once again the weather gods decided it was time for a bit on monsoon action,so head breakfast and few coffee's and gave it a bit of time and the rain eased up a bit so bit the bullet and took off

The 1st 40km it continued to drizzle and and that was okay had a rain coat on and everything was good,then for next 20 km it poured,this fine still had a rain coat keeping my dry but the open face helmet was my down fall going faster than about 20km it felt like I was getting sand blasted in the face!!

But after that down fall the weather cleared up ,which let me take a few pictures, end up doing about 220km today in about 6 hours with a few stops along the way, hopefully the weather is good tomorrow and think I will head up into the mountains near the Thai/Myanmar border

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Pia Thailand Day 33-37

Feeling Under Powered

all seasons in one day 36 °C
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Well my time in Pia is coming to and end,back to Chiang Mia tomorrow for a couple of nights before travelling onto Chiang Rai for a week or two,then Laos

Have been here for 8 nights and had a really good time the scenery,the guesthouse also has been a good place to relax,but I think the best thing has been exploring the region on the scooter even if was underpowered,the views of the mountains covered in swirling mist,the terraced rice paddies,storms on mountains in the distance have been really good to see but hard to capture the beauty on film and for the most the roads are really quite good as long as you don't get off the beaten track, which means the dirt tracks which are bit washed out due to the monsoon

The weather generally has been quite consistent ,every afternoon about 2 pm the scattered storms start and it is the luck of the draw if you get wet or not depending where you are and where the storm is !! The temperature ranges widely depending on the weather and if you are a valley or on top of a huge mountain, most of the mountains you cross are around 1600 metres and the valley floors about 500 metres,so are a really steeps climbs,so a temp gauge yesterday in Pia the read 36" but on the top of the ranges in the mist I reckon it would lucky to be 20"

Well that's me done,having a ball and see you in a couple of days from Chiang Mia


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Day 32 Pia to Mae Hong Son and Back

No Rain-Yeehaaaa

semi-overcast 24 °C
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Got upto a pretty clear sky so decided to risk the weather and take a ride to Mae Hong Son which is about 100km down the road and it was well worth the trip going over numerous mountain ranges and then dropping back into the valley floors with terraced rice paddies before climbing the next range,the road was really good tar,and would be an absolute hoot on 400-600 road bike,anything bigger would be a waste and not as much fun I reckon

Think the highest point was around 1500 metres,so was nice and cool,the scooter a Honda PCX 150,got along okay but most of the time only doing 40-60 kmh and on the flats and wringing its neck I could get 80kmh but travelling at a slower pace was okay ,didn't really have much choice as the hills were pretty steep so 60 kmh was good fun also got to take in the scenery and the views that went for ever,took about 3 hours each way,so that was my day

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Day 29-30 Chiang Mai & Pia

Bloody Rain Again

rain 23 °C
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Well left Chiang Mai yesterday and think it was the best and shortest bus trip yet about 300km and 4 hours later I am in Pai,Northern Thailand,got dropped of at the bus station with the rest of the tourists,grabbed my backpack and umbrella and made my way to scooter rental shop and picked up my transport for the next five days whilst in Pai

The trip up would be a motorcyclist dream something like 753 bends in 30 km in absolute amazing country side the weather was fine and sunny,then I picked my scooter up and basically it hasn't stopped bloody raining,but is the monsoon so is expected I suppose

Got out yesterday for a few hours and again today for 7-8 hours but it so wet I haven't taken many pictures,scared of killing the phone or the DSLR, but hopefully the weather improves tomorrow ?As the scenery up here is really astounding

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