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Day 12 and more of Bagan

Bloody tourists and good deeds

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Well today is the last day here in Bagan and spent more time on the E Bike and clocked up about 50 km mainly on dirt roads and and a lot of sandy patches to make life more challenging,on a normal dirt squiter you wouldn't of even blinked at the sand but on these E bikes the wheels are small 10 inch things and about as wide as match!! So was full throttle in 1st and both feet down as out riggers at god fearing speed of 10 kph-living life on the edge?

Still amazed by the history and the age of Padgodas and Stuppas that I looked at again today,quite a few you can climb up internal stairs to get a brilliant view of surrounding countyside,and you wonder how many other people have done the same thing over the last 1300 odd years,the stairways are very steep and you need to keep your head down,reckon we all must be a bit taller these days

Saw a young backer have stack on an e bike today and quite few others that were very close to go arse up,after I dropped my back to the rental company I was walking back to my digs when I came across a bewildered Korean tourist with a flat front tyre,all bikes have a phone number of the rental company on the front,so don't know how long he had be stranded ,so called up the company to come to his rescue-my good deed for the day !!

Tomorrow I am catching a plane to Heho which is the airport at Inle Lake and will be there for at least 3 nights and that folks is about my day,the weather is still very hot,this morning was overcast but has cleared up and now is bloody hot ,must be high 30's so have been giving my lily whites a does of slip slop slap?large_180_20D7C91BB5C92CC1F2611EA94B99252B.jpeglarge_180_20DC0B25001AE574CA603A42B4F3CBFD.jpeglarge_20E46AB0949987F9F04F786DC92F11B3.jpeglarge_20EF4B49F971930CC135C6585B76A074.jpeglarge_20FB8963E1A9D753D23AAA1D51B19E41.jpeglarge_180_210074C1EE0F9D50275CB3D6E15AC49A.jpeglarge_90_210520609F8ED1E10BD63A8E89258911.jpeglarge_180_210A86F1E77602B761BD8B4DEE02D1F7.jpeglarge_90_210D7F4D0402CC2BA4AF419D50717529.jpeg

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