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Sapa Vietnam Days 64-68

Another day another umbrella

all seasons in one day

Well what to say,went on 2 day trek with some local ethnic people down into the bottom of the valley and back out the other side and the scenery was mind blowing,there are 5 ethnic groups around Sapa all wearing traditional clothing which adds to the experience

This part of Vietnam ?? has the highest mountain in Indochina, Fangispan at 3100 odd metres so the mountain ranges are all ways in the background and drop down to valley floor with much of mountain side terraced for rice and other crops and some strange herbs were growing wild !!

Got back from trekking late in the afternoon in the rain, and that was the way it stayed till late the following day,so have ended up staying a couple of extra days as there is cable car that takes you just about all the way to the summit of Fangispan ,this cable car is pretty unique in that it holds a couple of world records,the longest 3 cable type and also the longest of its type about 6 Km in length,once arrive at the top you need to climb up steep stairway to the summit and those 500 hundred stairs were hard,had to have few breaks

Today was easy day getting organised to move onto Dein Bien Phu which is close to the Laos border and is also where the French were defeated in 53 during the Vietnam revolution plan to spen a couple of nights there then cross into Laos,it is only a 250km trip tomorrow but is expected to take 8-10 hours,but as it is through the mountains the scenery should be good,catch you in few days

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Sapa Day 62-63


all seasons in one day 33 °C

Well arrived in Sapa yesterday afternoon and spent what was left of the day wandering around and getting my bearings,luckily Sapa is quite small so it did'nt long

The beauty of Sapa and the local area is the scenery,located in a very mountainous area of Vietnam with mountains towering over terraces of rice and vegetables, Sapa it self is around 1500m above sea level with peaks near by rising to over 3500m

Today was another excursion on an underpowered scooter which must of been flogged consistently due to its life as a hire bike,but any way me and the bucket of bolts had a leisurely ride over Tran Tom Pass the highest road in Vietnam at 1900m this mountain is all so a divide for the weather,Sapa side cold and wet other side dryer and much hotter,stopping constantly to look at the water falls and vistas

Tomorrow of trekking for 2 days and 1 night,hope there are no hills involved,but don't like my chances ?

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Day 38-41 Chiang Mia to Chiang Rai

Still bloody wet

storm 34 °C

We'll have moved onto Chiang Rae from Chiang Mia,got the Green Bus up yesterday which is Thailands National bus service and so far seem okay reasonably cheap and the the big plus they have A/C took about 3 hours to cover the 180 odd Km's

Got into the hotel about 2pm which gave me plenty of time to organise. Bike for the next week,after the last couple of scooter's and hills thought I would try something a bit bigger so have ended up with 250 dirt bike,$180 for 7 days hire,then it was back to the accommodation for an early tea and bed was feeling a bit puffed after enjoying Father's Day a bit to much!!

So got up this morning with the plan to do a loop from Chiang Rai out to Phayao and check the lake and scenery out but once again the weather gods decided it was time for a bit on monsoon action,so head breakfast and few coffee's and gave it a bit of time and the rain eased up a bit so bit the bullet and took off

The 1st 40km it continued to drizzle and and that was okay had a rain coat on and everything was good,then for next 20 km it poured,this fine still had a rain coat keeping my dry but the open face helmet was my down fall going faster than about 20km it felt like I was getting sand blasted in the face!!

But after that down fall the weather cleared up ,which let me take a few pictures, end up doing about 220km today in about 6 hours with a few stops along the way, hopefully the weather is good tomorrow and think I will head up into the mountains near the Thai/Myanmar border

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Day 32 Pia to Mae Hong Son and Back

No Rain-Yeehaaaa

semi-overcast 24 °C
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Got upto a pretty clear sky so decided to risk the weather and take a ride to Mae Hong Son which is about 100km down the road and it was well worth the trip going over numerous mountain ranges and then dropping back into the valley floors with terraced rice paddies before climbing the next range,the road was really good tar,and would be an absolute hoot on 400-600 road bike,anything bigger would be a waste and not as much fun I reckon

Think the highest point was around 1500 metres,so was nice and cool,the scooter a Honda PCX 150,got along okay but most of the time only doing 40-60 kmh and on the flats and wringing its neck I could get 80kmh but travelling at a slower pace was okay ,didn't really have much choice as the hills were pretty steep so 60 kmh was good fun also got to take in the scenery and the views that went for ever,took about 3 hours each way,so that was my day

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Day 9 and a trip to the mountains from Mandalay

Mountains are cool

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Well after another breakfast of eggs and toast!! It was time to get out of Mandalay for the day and visit Pyin U Lwin which is about 1-1/2 hours outside Mandalay up in the mountain area which is a part of the old golden triangle and also where the British went to escape the heat during colonial rule,bit like The Blue Mountain, it is about 1150 metres above sea level and the temperature was terrific a pleasant 23' compared to now in Mandalay which is 35' and sticking hot due to bloody humidity

The trip upto the hills was well worth it,lots of Mandalays fruit and vegetables are grown up there so there were lots of terraced fields ,visited a cave which was full of yep you guessed it Buddha's which was pretty neat,also visited a small waterfall and another Padgoda but the highlight would be the botanical Gardens set on 350 odd acres it was really nice

Tomorrow (Saturday) and getting a bus to Bagon and plan to spend a few days there before travelling to to Inle,so no up date tomorrow as I will be on bus

I have been taking quite a few photos on the Canon DSLR and when time and and I find a computer I will up load as I am typing all this on my phone hence the spelling/sentence errors ?








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