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Day 11 & I am Stupified

E-bicycle I want one

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Well the river Irrawaddy is still causing havoc,the only way in and out of my accommodation is by canoe!but other than that it is a pretty nice place,went to an traditional Burmese puppet show which was okay

But the highlight so far has been visiting the plains of Bagan they are filled with all types of historical temples and ruins dating back to 5AD to around 14AD looked liked the neighbors trying to out do each other it is truly a site worth seeing,they ranged in size from small ,the size of single garage to absolutely huge buildings, the large ones were buil between 9-13AD and are a testament to the people that built them ,all I think a built with brick but some I looked at were like stone

To get stout the site there were a few options,A/C car to expensive,horse and cart feel sorry for the horse,bicycle got to be dreaming and finally my choice an electric scooter cost about. $15 for the the day with scary top speed of 17kph they look just like a little moped and the beauty was the actually went a lot of spots that a car or the horse couldn't , once you got away from the tourist sites the road was more like a single walking track so was a cool way to get of the beaten track

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow but am thinking a boat cruise and need to find the post office and send some souvenirs tack to ME

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